The Great Seal of This Nation

Exhibits R List in support of [OVC/Petition]

Exhibit R – #1…The Great Seal’s Pyramid with All Seeing Eye of Providence above it / 3 pages

Exhibit R – #2… Amer. Bald Eagle on the Great Seal / a Bundle of 13 Arrows in its left talon/ 4p

Exhibit R – #3… Constellation of 13 Stars above Eagle on the Great Seal of Unites States / 2 page

Exhibit R – #4… Olive Branch held by Eagle on the Great Seal in its right talon / 2 pages

Exhibit R – #5… Shield on the Great Seal, Escutcheon [shield] denotes defense & its Virtue/ 3p

Exhibit R – #6… Rays of Light surrounding the Eye and Stars on the Great Seal / 3 pages

Exhibit R – #7… Clouds above Eagle in a Pillar of fire as divine Presence & Command / 2 pages